New House, New Blog!

Hi there! Goodness – does anybody read this blog still? I abandoned it and went back to blogger after I got frustrated with my theme – I could have just changed the theme, silly me… 🙂

ANYWAY, I have an exciting announcement for my followers! I’ve got a new interior design DIY blog and you can find it here: – because my family and I are moving to a new house! I’m itching to move in and start fixing it up to make it look gorgeous! Keep updated with the process through my blog posts on the DIY projects I’ll be doing. (Hint: Lots of paint.)

Love & Blessings,


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Uh – Hi!

Hey Readers!

So… guess I unintentionally neglected my blog for a bit. So sorry about that!

I woke up yesterday morning at 7:00 to my radio alarm saying “President Obama has asked for cooperation following his reelection.” Ugh. It’s hard to describe the feeling of numb, leaden disappointment that socked me in the gut. (Whoops, guess I just did… I’m in a writing mood. More on that below.)

Ya’ll… it doesn’t matter. Not in the grand scheme of things. Yes, I believe Romney would have done a much better job of running the country. Yes, I don’t like to think about what Obama has up his sleeve for the next four years of the USA’s future. But do you know who is ultimately in control?

That’s right.


I already explained to Him how I feel in a long prayer I wrote in my prayer journal this morning. The gist of it is that – I trust Him. God has everything in his hands and I know he has a perfect plan. So everything’s going to be okay. More than okay – wonderful. 😀 So I’m not afraid.


I’ve had lots going on, some of which is…

NaNoWriMo! (National Novel Writing Month, for the uninitiated.) I’m writing Book 2 in my Agents series and up to 18,600+ words (only a few of which were written before NNWM started… I’m not counting those *with* the rest) If you want to follow my stats, I think you should be able to observe them here. It’s going really well so far (my average is 1,897 words per day… the eventual goal is 50,000.) I am amazingly responsive to deadlines and challenges. 😉 That and I usually ‘git ‘r done’ when I put my mind to it. 😉

Also… I’ve suddenly become an Owl City fan. If I were you, I would check out this really neat video. (I can’t seem to embed it, for some reason…) It’s all my sweet friend Lindsay‘s fault… I was browsing her cute blog and noticed her music playlist, and there first heard an Owl City song… and was hooked! 😀 The wondrous thing is that Adam Young is not only a really great guy, he’s definitely a Christian, even though some of his songs are about things like fireflies and hot air balloons. 😀 I found a neat video on Youtube of an interview one of my favorite radio DJ’s, Jayar, had with Adam, and they discussed how Adam stays true to his Savior even while producing partly mainstream music. I’ll have to look it up again to show you, it’s worth listening to. 🙂

I love the bubbly brightness of Owl City’s music. It’s like sound-colors… so cheerful and uplifting.

If you’re a fellow Owl City/Adam Young fan, I know I should have heard about it sooner – yes, I live under a rock. But it’s warm and cozy there. 😀

Well, I’ll try to keep blogging more regularly from here on out, even if it’s just topic-less rambling like today’s post. I love hearing from you all and miss it when there aren’t any comments showing up in my email. 😀 (And with that rather broad hint, I shall close this post.)

Have a perfectly marvelous day!

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When He Calls – Do We Answer?

This is a re-post of one of my favorite articles I’ve ever written for the devotional blog Meditations of His Love. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂


So this is what it looks like. You’re sitting at your desk in the middle of your everyday routine and there’s a pile of things awaiting your attention. A really big pile.

There’s too much to do. You’re overwhelmed. You can’t handle this on your own. You’re sorting through the pile of stuff, careful not to let the whole thing collapse and bury you underneath it, and you find the next thing to work on, and at the same time your brain is thinking about what you’ll be focused on after that. You’re completely immersed in this important work you’re doing. Everyone will be really pleased with all the projects and special endeavors that you’re accomplishing. Oh wait, that was just your imagination. There’s no way you’ll be able to make a dent in what needs to be done. And then the receptionist pages you. You pick up the phone, resolving to hang up as soon as possible and get back to everything else that desperately needs your attention.

“What is it, Gertie?” You ask impatiently.“It’s your best friend.”

Sigh. You don’t have time for this. “Tell him I can’t talk to him right now, I have too much to do.” You go back to work, managing to get three small things done while worrying about a sticky situation that really should have been done first except that you don’t have a clue of how to go about it. You’re about to tear out some of your hair in frustration when the receptionist’s signal buzzes again.

“What is it now?!?” “It’s your best friend again. He says it’s important.”

“I really can’t talk to him! I have WAY too much I’m working on right now. Can’t you tell him to leave me alone today?” “Well, if that’s what you want.”

Blessed silence reigns as you get back to work. Well, until an argument starts nearby about whose turn it is to refill the copy machine. And of course the construction workers in the street pick that time to start jackhammering the sidewalk. There’s noise and confusion all around you and you can’t even hear yourself think, much less form a cognitive thought and get something done! And then the buzzer sounds again. Ready to scream, you answer. “Helloooo?!?!”

The poor receptionist is timid as she says “Well, ah, it’s your best friend… he says he wants to help you with your workload.”

You don’t have the funds to hire an assistant, much as you like the thought of some help.
“Oh really? And what will that cost me?” You inquire.

“Nothing. He says it won’t cost you anything – he’ll help for free. All you have to do is listen to him.”

You mull that one over. There must be a catch somewhere. And besides, this conversation is taking up a lot of time that could be spent working.
“I’m sorry, but I really can’t be bothered right now.”
You hang up.

Turning to the pile of papers, you reach for the one with a red scribble on it that says “URGENT!” but when you pull it out the whole thing topples and you’re suddenly buried in the mountain of paperwork. You can’t reach your desk and have no way to contact the receptionist. You’ve finally had enough. You lie there inside the gently rustling cocoon of papers and start to weep… tears filling your eyes and rolling down your cheeks.

Then you hear a quiet little “ring… ring… ring…” coming from your pocket. It’s your cell phone. You reach for it and read the screen to see who could be calling your personal number. It’s your best friend, and suddenly you realize that you want nothing more in the world than to talk to him at that moment. You’ve desperately needed him all day long, and yet when he called you wouldn’t answer. Now you’re ready to talk to him.“Hello?”

“Hi. It’s me.” The sound of the familiar voice is too much for you and you break down again. Through the sound of your sobs you hear him speak.

“Hey, it’s okay.”

“I’m so sorry I didn’t answer your calls!” Your voice is contrite and soft for the first time that day. “And now I’m in a huge mess, and I need help.” “Well, I’m right here.”

You hear the door to your office open. And then the phone hangs up, but you hear his voice again.

“Would you like some assistance?” It’s really Him.

With a happy cry, you reach out from within the pile of junk and stick your arms up through the papers. They’re grasped by a pair of strong, warm hands and suddenly you’ve been pulled from out of the mess. His smile shines and you know you’ve been forgiven. Redeemed. Restored. And then you look around, and suddenly all the paperwork is sorted into neat piles and stamped with…“It Is Finished.”


By now perhaps you’ve guessed that the above is an allegory. Who do you think the characters represent? Well, obviously ‘you’ represents ‘you.’ And yes. The best friend is the Lord.

I based this off of 1 Samuel 3:1-8. The Lord calls Samuel, a little boy working in the temple who does not yet know him, three times before Samuel realizes he needs to answer. I read this account over again and started to think about the times the Lord has been calling me and I do everything but answer and listen to him.
How can I possibly justify doing this? God loves me so much that my mind can’t even fathom it. He created me. He knows my innermost thoughts, hopes, and dreams, and it hurts his heart when I turn away from him or worse… simply go about my day thinking I can do everything by myself and not bothering to even send a few words his way.

It is especially important to listen to the Lord when we are struggling with a tough situation or decision or problem… like that pile of paperwork. There’s really no way we can handle it on our own. We weren’t created to be able to. We need the help of our creator.
If this post tugged your heartstrings today, go find a quiet place and have some alone time with the one who loves you more than anything. Talk to him and pour out your heart… and then listen.

And next time you feel that still, small voice inside you, listen up.

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I am Brand New

Brand New – by Kerri Crocker

This song sort of became my ‘theme song’ after my month off from the computer. I found it on a CD of ‘the top indie artists from 2008’ that I bought on sale at CBD for .99 cents. 😀

Every word of it rang so true… I am new. I feel new… I feel like God has taken me and molded me into something better than I was before. I’m closer to him now… I can feel his presence more sweetly.

It hasn’t been easy… sometimes it’s been really hard. But slowly, I’m being polished and faceted and cleaned, until my diamond-in-the-rough is beginning to sparkle. 😀

I MADE THIS VIDEO, because I couldn’t find the song anywhere on YouTube… and it took me way too long to put together. It’s a testament to how much I like this song that I didn’t hate it after I had heard it on replay a million times as I was crafting this video and fitting the background pictures together. 😛

So… watch it, and tell me what you think. 😉

How did I do? Isn’t it an uplifting song?

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I am SO PROUD of him!

My brothers aren’t “Post pictures of me on your blog” kind of guys, but just this once I couldn’t help shouting from the rooftops (or so to speak) about something one of them has done. 🙂

My brother Mark (our ‘middleman’… younger than me but older than Steven) is brilliant with LEGO bricks. All you have to do is visit their blog or his Flickr photostream to see that.

Well, here’s the story of why I am so proud of him right now. 🙂

Mark has been competing in an online LEGO event called the “MocOlympics”. “MOC” standing for “My Own Creation”. He’s made it up to Round 4… which is no small achievement. In fact, the round 3 match-up, he actually eliminated the builder who won the MocOlympics last year.

Each round, the builders are assigned categories in which to work. This round, his category was “H.E. Double-Hockey-Sticks – build a dark lord’s realm”. We were all a little aghast and taken aback when we heard about it. Mark was wondering how he could build something like this… and then as our family was talking about it together, we came up with a really great idea.

Have the underworld being overthrown!

And THIS is the result.

Please go check out his entry page on MOCPages, a LEGO builders site, where he’s uploaded pictures of his entry. I helped him write the description, but the work put into building the LEGO creation was done entirely by him. We worked together on this video… which still gives me chills when I watch it, it’s just that awesome.

Make sure you listen to the music during the credits too. 😀 How’s that for giving praise and honor to our Lord?

I have to say, Marky-man, I am SO PROUD OF YOU. Way to go out there and represent the God we serve by making a LEGO build that points directly to him and delivers a knockout punch in the face of darkness. I love you, Bro.


P.S. – I will tell Mark about any comments you make if you want to leave one on this post for him.

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Something Cheery

Good morning! 🙂

I woke up with this bouncy song running through my head… and thought I’d share it with you. 🙂

Favorite Song by TobyMac, featuring Jamie Grace:

Verse 1: My whole life I’ve wondered how this wandering heart could turn around, it’s over now – yeah. I will leave my selfish melodies, wanna be in your beautiful symphony – it’s over now.

Prechorus: You sing to me and my heart comes to life… beating for you every time (it’s beating, beating) and now that I hear you, oh I love the way your chorus gets stuck in my mind.

Chorus: Like a lyric to my favorite song – you stick with me all day long – and when I reach the end – I wanna hear it again. (x2)

(Ladies and Gentlemen, Jamie Grace!)

While your remix is so surprisin’, like raindrops when the sun is shining, it’s beautiful to me. Lord, you flip my words and change the tempo and somehow you just make it simple – so beautiful to see.

Prechorus – Chorus –

Bridge: I am a man in need, you are my remedy, I love the way that you sing to me – sing to me. Your soothing melody, my heart is listening, I love the way that you sing to me… sing.



All day long… you’re my favorite song.

Hope you enjoyed that! 🙂 I’m currently working on a schedule for my blog so that it’ll be a little more structured and steady around here. 😉 I have a lot on my heart I want to share with you all, and it’s exciting to be planning when I want to say it. 😀

And… this evening we’re going to a dance again! I can hardly wait! We’re going to be learning some new dances, but my parents have begged off from manning the video camera this month… we decided that this time they’ll just relax and chat with the other parents. 😉 But I’ll tell you all about it later…


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Why I’m voting for Mitt Romney

I usually don’t get into politics at all. In other words – or as I like to say – I wouldn’t know a poli-tick if I met it in the street. 😉

But after reading and hearing some of the hype the media is spreading around, I felt like it would only be fair to do one post on my own little “soapbox” (this blog) and share my thoughts on the subject of our upcoming presidential election.

The last presidential election between Obama and McCain happened when I was 17-and-three-quarters, just shy of my birthday in April, so I was too young to vote. This year, I’m 21, and I’ll be voting alongside my 18-year-old brother Mark at the polls in our first presidential election together… which is kind of neat, I think. 🙂

Looking at it from the point of view of a person who nearly never involves themselves in politics, and without all the political mumbo-jumbo, this is my opinion.

I wouldn’t vote for Obama if he paid me.

Conservative convictions aside, his record of the last four years alone is enough to send me running to any other available option. He’s jacked up our national debt by six trillion dollars- (that is more money than you can imagine…) -and our unemployment rate, sketchy as that is, is a whole lot higher than it was when he came into office. (Sketchy because that only measures people who are on unemployment funds, not the people who have an underpaid part-time job and are searching for work, or who have given up.) People are desperate for jobs.

Obama’s economic record is a disaster. He bailed out the auto industry instead of letting them make a healthy recovery on their own through bankruptcy and then restarting, and he dumped millions of dollars into ‘green energy’ companies that tanked. Companies that happened to be on the list of his campaign supporters.

I’m not even going to talk about his foreign affairs record, which is atrocious. His lies about the Benghazi tragedy are sufficient proof. He’s made America look weak and incompetent to other nations, including the ones harboring terrorists who want to kill us.

Lastly, as a person, I find it hard to respect him. He is disrespectful and disdainful of our military and has shrunk it since he became president, and his behavior in the last three presidential debates has been nothing short of inexcusable. I only heard him once half-thank Mitt Romney for being there, while Romney thanked him politely each time, before and after. Obama interrupted Romney countless times and talked on way longer than his time limits allowed on almost every occasion, besides throwing mud and trying to disparage Romney’s record and plans every chance he got.

Because he had nothing good to say for himself, besides vague, false statements like “We promised we’d do _____, and that’s what we’ve done.” NOT. When you have nothing good to promise about yourself, you try to make the other choice look worse. Which is exactly what the Obama campaign is doing with the derogatory “Romnesia” speeches. How rude.

Okay. I could go on, but I’m tired of talking about Obama. Let’s talk about Governor Mitt Romney.

Admittedly, I wasn’t a big Romney fan when he was running for president four years ago. I heard a lot about how he was pretty liberal in his views, and not much different than most of the democrats.

Romney looks a lot more promising to me this year, when you take a few things into account.

So to come to the point, here are my reasons for voting for Mitt Romney.

1. He’s a very moral person.

Romney is Mormon, and while I do not agree with his doctrinal beliefs, he has stuck with them even though it wasn’t popular. He has a high moral standard and believes that saddling future generations with unpayable debt is morally wrong.

2. He’s got a great plan.

Governor Romney consistently mentions his five-point plan. 1. Achieve energy independence. 2. Improve trading by opening new markets and cracking down on China. 3. Improving schools and education, and better retraining programs for unemployed workers. 4. Cut the deficit, reduce the size of the government (Wow!), and get the national debt under control. 5. Championing small business.

He plans to repeal Obamacare, instead of letting the government dictate where you can go for treatment and why you have to spend money you might not have on health insurance. He would improve the schools by giving vouchers so that the people can make their own choice where the government money is going… they could send their children to a better private school or christian school instead of an awful public school, for the same amount of money. He’s mentioned that schooling and teaching is the responsibility of the parents – which is exactly what I believe. GO HOMESCHOOLING! 😀

Plainly, Romney has some excellent, well-thought-out plans for our nation.

3. He is an intelligent businessman.

Mitt Romney is wealthy because of one reason – he managed what God gave him in a responsible and well-planned way. This is an intelligent man – having graduated from Harvard University in the top third of his class. My dad told me he had an astonishingly good 3.7 grade average! For more information on his many business accomplishments, you can check out his Wikipedia page. His website might also be interesting for you to read.

This is a man who knows how to manage a business. He would be the best man to help out America’s small businesses. And wouldn’t it be great to have a capable hand on our country’s finances? When you know how business works, you have the ability to make it strong and healthy. Mitt Romney isn’t joking when he says he knows how to create jobs. I’d love to see him get a chance to do it.

Let’s all go out there on November 6 and VOTE! Our voices need to be heard. 😀

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My Computer-Free Month was Fun!

I never expected I’d actually enjoy not using my laptop for a month, but to my surprise, I certainly did. 🙂

Hi Everybody! It’s great to be back! I’ve really missed blogging and hearing your responses.

So… what did I do while I was gone?

It’d be easier to tell you what I didn’t do. In using my free time for real-life activities rather than sitting in front of this screen for hours on end… I discovered how much life I was missing out on. I actually got my to-do lists done. Every day. I have never been able to do that before. 🙂 And these were sizable to-do lists… at least 15 or 20 items each.

But I didn’t just catch up on all my chores. I did some incredibly fun things as well.

I danced:

Dublin Bay:

Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot:

Irish Washerwoman:

I played Frisbee… We have had several games this past month, a couple of them with a bunch of people! One week fell close to my brother Steven’s birthday, so we celebrated with an after-game ‘party’ and this candy corn cake I baked for him. He helped decorate it!

I helped my brothers start a blog: (I did their whole design, and I think it really reflects the personality of the blog… very cool.) 🙂

I’ve also been able to spend more time with my brothers. Whether it’s ping-pong or just chatting with them while they work on yet another astounding LEGO creation, our quality time level has skyrocketed.

And I finished THIS: (if you’re interested in purchasing this lovely throw-size crocheted afghan for $200 + shipping, let me know…) 😉 I’m selling it in the Rescue Me Marketplace shop on the square in town.

I think it would make an adorable baby blanket for a boy OR girl. The colors are neutral in ivory, peach, and mint, with a hint of lime.

And… I am up to eight pounds lost so far on my healthier eating regime. I’ve also been walking a lot. Seven or eight times up our 1/8 of a mile uphill driveway every afternoon. That’s 2 miles a day. I’ve made a radical shift in so many areas, I feel like a whole new person.

But the best part?

I’ve been getting up in the mornings at 7AM and diving into the Word, and praying my heart out to the Lord. Every morning. I have never done that before, although in the back of my mind I always had a little niggling guilty thought that I should be reading my Bible more often. Now I am. I missed a few mornings after some unavoidable late nights… (Did anyone else watch the Presidential Debates?) but on the whole, it’s a whole new pattern of life.

And it has been so precious. I am so glad I’ve done this.

If you have been thinking about taking a break from your computer, or if you’ve never dreamed of it but suddenly realized how much time you spend just hanging out online… I heartily encourage you to take a break from it all. It doesn’t have to be a month… try it for a week, and see what it’s like. 🙂 I highly recommend it.

Look for more posts from me coming soon… 😀

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A Sabbatical

To my Dear Friends,

God has been showing me things about my life lately that I need to change. My desire is to become the godly woman he wants me to be. One area of my life that desperately needs more discipline is the time I spend on my laptop. Most of my day was spent in front of the computer …and I’ve wasted a lot of time. I haven’t been diligent with my hours, and I have not been growing closer to God.

I had a talk with my parents yesterday morning and they told me that they want me to spend at least a month away from the computer… no blogging, no emailing. And you know what? They are absolutely right. I firmly maintain that I have the best parents in the world – 🙂 – and I am so grateful to have them pouring their wisdom and insight into me. This would have been an exceedingly difficult choice for me to make without their help and encouragement. It’s still not easy, but I know it’s the right thing to do.

Now that I won’t be on my laptop all the time, I’ll have more time to spend doing real-life activities. Firstly, I’ll have more time to spend in the Word with open eyes and heart. But I’ll also be able to create more handmade things and do a better job at my homemaking skills… I might even get a part-time job somewhere. We’ll have to see what God has in store.

I would appreciate your prayers for both me and my family. We are still waiting on God to provide a steady job for my Dad. But we are trusting in His goodness and delighting in his love.

I never thought I would say this, but I am actually excited about what this different season of no computer is going to bring. I’m looking forward to doing more outside the computer – making memories with my family and growing in grace into the Julia that God intends me to be. 😀

Love & Blessings,


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30 Days #18 – Makeup

Day 18 – What’s in your makeup bag?

Well, actually, I don’t have a makeup bag. 😀 I don’t use much makeup! What do I use? I’ll explain…

All I really “need” for makeup is a little brush of this Maybelline coverstick underneath my eyes. It hides the faint dark circles that I’ve got from occasionally staying up too late. *sigh*

My skin is clear and smooth without the help of any foundation or face powder, so I’ve never used anything like that… although I do have several moles on my neck and forehead that I kind of wish weren’t there. I’ve also got a couple of dark brown freckles scattered here and there on my cheeks.

When I want to look especially nice, I’ll use Covergirl Lash Perfection Mascara. Brown-Brown if I’m going for a subtler look, Brown-Black if I want my lashes to stand out a little more. I never, ever use Black-Black, it would look too fake with my fair complexion and light brown eyebrows.

When I was younger I used to hate the idea of mascara… I’d only tried it once when I went to a wedding at age 14, but it was ‘waterproof’ stuff and very sticky. Yuck. This non-waterproof mascara is much nicer, and if I don’t apply any to the lashes on my lower eyelid, there’s no danger of black streaks from laughing-so-hard-you-cry tears. 😀

Then for the bling! 😀 If I want to get all fancy, I add some sparkle and shimmer with a touch (not too much!) of lip gloss. My very favorite brand is Liplicious from Bath & Body Works. I’m currently digging “Radiant Raspberry” (above) and “Strawberry Splash” (below).

What kind of makeup do you like to wear?


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30 Days #17 – 20 Facts

Day 17 – Share 20 facts about yourself

I’m posting this on an extremely rainy evening because it’s the easiest option on the list – the others I have left would require me snapping a picture of something, and it’s too dark to take pictures. Oh, and I’m sorry I haven’t been doing these blog posts in the mornings… evenings are just when I feel like blogging!

So, without further ado..

1. I don’t mind talking about myself. My About page will show you that. 😉 I’ve never been shy, quite the reverse, actually. I’ve been called “Bubbly” and “Warm”… I’m outgoing. It’s a part of who I am. I am a social butterfly. 😀

2. I don’t like soda or coffee. I will drink fruit-flavored sodas but I don’t enjoy the feel of the carbonated stuff going down my throat. I don’t even like the smell of coffee! I much prefer juice or water.

3. I hate having to leave a message on an answering machine (I always feel like I sound so silly) or having to use a public bathroom. *shudder*

4. I can ride a horse fairly well, although I’m not super-good at it. I took English riding lessons for a year or so and was just beginning to jump low hurdles when I stopped taking lessons. But if I ever needed to ride a horse, I know how. 😀

5. My favorite chocolate is Ghiradelli, with Milky Way bars and Dove chocolates being close runners-up.

6. I love music with a peppy beat and harmonic melodies, and I love singing along to it. 🙂 I have a natural ear for music that I consider a precious gift from God.

7. I’ve lived in four different houses so far in my life, and two different states.

8. When I was younger I consumed books as if they were food. (No, I didn’t actually eat them.) I read something every day, sometimes several books in a day. Now I don’t spend as much time reading, but I still love the thrill of reading a good adventure or mystery. 😀

9. I love perfume, and my collection of scented Bath and Body Works paraphernalia is larger than I would care to admit. 😀

10. Anything shiny or sparkly, I LOVE. Glitter… pearls… chandeliers, lamps, mirrors, you name it, I like it. 🙂

11. I have enough shoes for about three people. More if you count the flip-flops.

12. I’m not scared of bugs, be they spiders or scorpions or anything insectoid. I will squish them myself. But since I am a lady, if there is a gentleman nearby (say, a handsome younger brother) I will graciously allow them to dispatch it for me.

13. I love going places! I would adore traveling to Europe someday… (England! France! Italy!) or a trip out West to see the Grand Canyon… or another trip up the east coast of the USA. 🙂

14. I used to want to get married when I was 19. 😉 (But that was when I was like, 15.) Now I’m glad I didn’t get married then (not that I had the option) because I still had so much to learn about life. But I still want 9 kids. 😀

15. Once upon a time I dreamed about becoming “the next Rebecca St. James”… I wanted to be the one singing my new single on the radio! 😀 Now I just enjoy singing in church with the worship team, and playing the bass guitar that I picked up just over a month ago.

16. I have a large vocabulary, but I always like learning new words. 😀

17. I like to make people laugh. It’s one of my favorite things to do. 🙂 Even if it’s just making one of my brothers laugh if I make a funny face, or making my mom giggle at some unusual accent I start using. Humor is fun. 😀

18. My brothers and I regularly play “The Movie Quote Game” while I wash the dishes and they dry. We take turns quoting a line from a movie and the others have to guess where it’s from. Steven always wins. It’s really hard to stump him! 🙂

19. Someday I’d like to live in Virginia, North Carolina, or eastern Tennessee, even if it’s only for a few months or so. I LOVE the smoky mountains. But then, I also love the beach. 😀 But year-round, I prefer a climate that actually has four seasons.

20. One of my favorite things to get is an email from a friend, or a blog comment. It makes my day. (*HINT-HINT*) 😀


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30 Days #16 – Crocheted Vase

Day 16 – Something you could never get tired of doing

Well, I would like to say dancing or Ultimate Frisbee. 😉 But truthfully, I can get tired of doing those two very enjoyable activities, simply because they require so much energy. 😀

Something I really could never get tired of doing is crochet. And I just happen to have a recently completed project to show you!

I love it! I got the idea from the sweater-covered vases I’ve seen around.







I started it on Thursday and finished it Saturday evening, just working on it now and then. I estimate that I spent about an hour on it. The part that was tricky was crocheting it against the vase after it narrowed near the neck (whereas before I’d pulled it off an on again to check the size after each round) – I didn’t have a pattern, I just made it up as I went along, thus the random look! 🙂

I’m holding it in a Harriet-Smith-worthy photo so you can see how large it is. Almost as big as my head.

Have a peaceful, happy Sunday afternoon!

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