30 Days #11 – I Miss…

Day 11 – Something you miss

Well, I have a wonderful life and I’m honestly happy with everything in it. But there are a couple of things I used to have that I miss.

1. Swimming Pool

Okay, so ours never looked quite like that… we had an above-ground pool.

2. The Beach

(Both pictures from Pinterest)

We used to go to the beach all the time when we lived in Florida… every Friday we’d spend half the day there with friends from our homeschool group.

So, those are a couple of things I miss. And if God ever blessed us with a swimming pool again, I’d be ecstatic. 😉 But there are a lot of things about Florida that I do not miss, (Like the never-ending heat, mosquitos, and crazy-busy growing city we used to live in) so… I’m glad we are where we are. *happy sigh*

Hope you’re enjoying this blog challenge so far! It’s been kind of tough to write up something every day, but I’m happy to be blogging more again. 🙂


About Julia

I love color and sparkle. My God has created so many beautiful things in this world! Designing jewelry, capturing photos, dancing, singing, loving, laughing, creating, are the things I enjoy most. I write, crochet, and read, and find something lovely in every day.
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