Uh – Hi!

Hey Readers!

So… guess I unintentionally neglected my blog for a bit. So sorry about that!

I woke up yesterday morning at 7:00 to my radio alarm saying “President Obama has asked for cooperation following his reelection.” Ugh. It’s hard to describe the feeling of numb, leaden disappointment that socked me in the gut. (Whoops, guess I just did… I’m in a writing mood. More on that below.)

Ya’ll… it doesn’t matter. Not in the grand scheme of things. Yes, I believe Romney would have done a much better job of running the country. Yes, I don’t like to think about what Obama has up his sleeve for the next four years of the USA’s future. But do you know who is ultimately in control?

That’s right.


I already explained to Him how I feel in a long prayer I wrote in my prayer journal this morning. The gist of it is that – I trust Him. God has everything in his hands and I know he has a perfect plan. So everything’s going to be okay. More than okay – wonderful. 😀 So I’m not afraid.


I’ve had lots going on, some of which is…

NaNoWriMo! (National Novel Writing Month, for the uninitiated.) I’m writing Book 2 in my Agents series and up to 18,600+ words (only a few of which were written before NNWM started… I’m not counting those *with* the rest) If you want to follow my stats, I think you should be able to observe them here. It’s going really well so far (my average is 1,897 words per day… the eventual goal is 50,000.) I am amazingly responsive to deadlines and challenges. 😉 That and I usually ‘git ‘r done’ when I put my mind to it. 😉

Also… I’ve suddenly become an Owl City fan. If I were you, I would check out this really neat video. (I can’t seem to embed it, for some reason…) It’s all my sweet friend Lindsay‘s fault… I was browsing her cute blog and noticed her music playlist, and there first heard an Owl City song… and was hooked! 😀 The wondrous thing is that Adam Young is not only a really great guy, he’s definitely a Christian, even though some of his songs are about things like fireflies and hot air balloons. 😀 I found a neat video on Youtube of an interview one of my favorite radio DJ’s, Jayar, had with Adam, and they discussed how Adam stays true to his Savior even while producing partly mainstream music. I’ll have to look it up again to show you, it’s worth listening to. 🙂

I love the bubbly brightness of Owl City’s music. It’s like sound-colors… so cheerful and uplifting.

If you’re a fellow Owl City/Adam Young fan, I know I should have heard about it sooner – yes, I live under a rock. But it’s warm and cozy there. 😀

Well, I’ll try to keep blogging more regularly from here on out, even if it’s just topic-less rambling like today’s post. I love hearing from you all and miss it when there aren’t any comments showing up in my email. 😀 (And with that rather broad hint, I shall close this post.)

Have a perfectly marvelous day!


About Julia

I love color and sparkle. My God has created so many beautiful things in this world! Designing jewelry, capturing photos, dancing, singing, loving, laughing, creating, are the things I enjoy most. I write, crochet, and read, and find something lovely in every day.
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12 Responses to Uh – Hi!

  1. Rachel Heffington says:

    i am so glad you finally found Owl City! Have you heard the dentist-song yet? 🙂 It is very bright and bubbly as well as completely random. One of my favorites is “Deer in the Headlights”.

    Yuppers–God is totally in control. He’s got this and we’re silly little people for worrying. Yes, times might be tough, but that doesn’t mean He’s let go of us. 🙂

    Well, I have so much to do today that I’d better not sit here on the computer!

    • Julia says:

      Me too! 😀 Very glad!
      Yes, I’ve heard the dentist song… really funny! I like the ‘deer in the headlights’ song, but I suspect I’d like it more if it didn’t remind me of Daddy and I running into one. HA! 😀 So you’re a fellow fan! … why hast thou not told me of this yet? 😉

      That He is… and I’m so thankful! It’s such a relief not to have to worry about the universe. (that sounds really weird but it’s true.) 😀

      Ehrm, that reminds me that I have a lot to do today too… The to-do list beckons! 😛

  2. hannah says:

    I have heard of NaNoWriMo, and I think it’s neat. =) I have a story that I really need to finish…. maybe next year I can be a part. Right now I’m just too busy with school. =)

    And I like what you said about Obama’s second term. I agree. He knows what he’s doing — even if we can’t see it right now.

    • hannah says:

      Oh! As in “He” I mean God. You probably got that but I wanted to clarify. =)

      • Julia says:

        Hi Hannah!

        Oh, yes, I understand about being busy with school. It’s nice for me to be graduated now… 🙂 You should finish your story though, it’s an amazing feeling writing those lovely words… “The End”. 😀

        *laughing* – yes, that’s what I thought you meant. God knows what he’s doing. Thanks for leaving a comment! 🙂

        • hannah says:

          Yes…. I am totally going to finish the story, someday. I’ve written out an entire story but it only has 17000 words and I want to expand it before I’ll be satisfied with it. =)

          Oh! I listened to the beginning of the fireflies song and found it to be, ummm…. how shall I say? Interesting! =) Guess it’d be a good song if you’re in a cheery giggly mood…. it’s just not my style, I guess. 🙂

  3. Heather says:

    Yes. I totally agree about God being in control!!! We mess things up so many times when we have our ideas on what we think should happen. God is so good, and it is so wonderful to have that peace that passes all understanding. *longhappycontentsigh*

  4. Heather says:

    Oh!!! How could I forget to comment about Owl City! I was so busy bragging on our Wonderful Magnifiscent Loving Creator God! (Isn’t that cool?) um…….what was I saying?
    OH YEAH!!! Owl City is amaizing!!! I love all of their songs. I don’t know where every body has been- these guys are great! 😀

    • Julia says:

      Well, you had a good reason for being distracted. 😉 God’s pretty great. 😀

      I’m just liking Owl City more and more. Did you know it’s only one guy… Adam Young? He’s a one-man band. 🙂 And I agree… very amazing. 😀

  5. Rebekah M. says:

    Hi, Julia! When I found out that Obama won, I felt like vomiting. But, you know, God is still God. he doesn’t change. He’s still in control. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:9. I may not understand it, but God knows what He’s doing.

  6. Katelyn S. says:

    Owl City is one of my favorites; I blame my sister for getting me stuck on them. Definitely fun songs to listen to. Politically, I am trusting that God has a very good reason for allowing President Obama to win the election. Personally, I would have liked Virgil Goode, the Constitution Party’s candidate, to have won. Very Godly man.

    Good luck with the writing challenge!

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