30 Days #15 – My Favorite Store

Day 15 – Your Favorite Store

I love shopping for clothes, garage sale-ing, (Yard sales, if you’re from the South) and shopping for purses or candy or perfume…

But my absolute, top favorite store would have to be Hobby Lobby. 😀

Hobby Lobby - Latham, New York

(Pictures from Flickr and Google)









I love this place. They have EVERYTHING. 😀 And it’s all so cool. Home decor, beads, lamps, and yarn are my favorite sections. 😀 But they have everything ‘crafty’ and creative that you could imagine. Good thing the closest one is an hour away from me! 🙂 Otherwise I’d be flopping out more of my hard-earned cash. 😛

Do you love Hobby Lobby too? What is your favorite store?

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30 Days #14 – Dream Wedding

Hi friends!

I haven’t posted in a few days, it’s been busy around here and I just never sat down and fixed up a blog post for you. I’m sorry. But the good news is, I’m posting this-which-you-are-reading… okay. So, to get to the point:

I started a little earlier than September for the 30 days, so now I’m actually on schedule, doing day 14 on 9-14. 🙂

Day 14 – Your Dream Wedding

Well, while I don’t have it all meticulously planned out and nothing is set it stone, I do have a couple ideas that I would like in my wedding someday.

The Dress:

I don’t want strapless, and I don’t want a plunging neckline. I’d love short sleeves but preferably made of lace or something slightly sheer.

I want it full-length with a train, but one that can loop up and be fastened in the back when it’s time for dancing… because I’d love to have dancing (English Country Dance, anyone?) at the reception. 🙂

<- this dress comes pretty close to being my dream dress. But it’s not quite perfect. I’d actually prefer a slightly off-white wedding dress instead of stark, pure white. Cream and Ivory are more flattering to my skin. 🙂

I’d rather have it lacier near the top, sort of like this…

I really like the lacy overlay look, but this dress is too low-cut. Mine would need to be a few inches higher for my taste. And there’s not quite enough sleeve… there are still armpits showing. 😛 If the lace came a few inches longer all the way around the sleeve, it would be gorgeous and exactly what I was imagining.

I very much like the bow at the waist ->

… and the fact that the lace overlay stops at the hips instead of continuing all the way down the dress.

My dream dress would have sparkling crystals and embroidered flourishes (swirly shapes) scattered down the skirt.

Hairstyle? I want to wear my hair long, all the way down my back. But I’d like to make the top look beautiful and styled. White flowers and a touch of curls.

As for the ceremony… short and sweet. Not much longer than 40 minutes. I don’t want to do unity candles or unity sand, but I’m open to the idea of washing each other’s feet.

And I’d be kind of AMAZINGLY thrilled if it looked something like this:

I love the idea of an outdoor wedding… but there’s always the weather to deal with, so if we could find a beautiful church (with stained glass windows?) I’d like that as well. 🙂

Colors: I’m not sure if I want to do Peach or Aqua. I really don’t know if I could pull off doing both and still have it look classy. The shades would have to be JUST right. 🙂

I definitely want white flowers. Roses, lilies, lily-of-the-valley, hyacinth, peonies, gardenias, whatever, but all white. 🙂 Perhaps hanging round balloons with marbles in them for stability, like this:

And I like the idea of the reception being under tents with chandeliers hanging in them. I love chandeliers. 😀

I want around 7 bridesmaids. 😉

NO garter-tossing.


And a cake exactly like this:

So… those are a few of my ideas. 😀

What would you do for your dream wedding?

(All pictures via Pinterest)

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Well, the plan was that Daddy and I were going up into town while he did some work-related errands and I picked up a few jewelry supply items and yarn that I needed to finish a couple projects.Then… we hit a deer.

This is the spot the deer hit, the front side. He (it was a BIG buck) bounced off and away. We’re thankful it didn’t come through the windshield!

Yup. The whole front corner is mushed. Mirror gone. Door doesn’t open properly. Daddy had to climb out the passenger door.

The windshield did not escape unscathed, however. In fact… it shattered. Thankfully it remained in one piece and didn’t come crashing in on us.

This is the first thing I saw after I yelled “Daddy, Daddy – deer!” The windshield cracked in one split second as soon as we heard a thunderous “WHUMP” upon impact.

Daddy and I are perfectly okay (besides being a little ‘shook up’), for which I am very grateful. We could have been hurt badly, hitting a deer that size. Daddy has joked that he’s cured of the idea of getting an economy-size car. 😛

Now comes the fun of getting the insurance worked out and the collision repair work done. 😛

I think we’ll be heading back up to town a little later in the van. After we get home from that I’ll post my 30 Days challenge post for the day. 🙂

‘Till then,


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30 Days #13 – Scripture

Day 13 – Share an inspiring scripture verse

Why do one when you can do three? 😉

…And again I say, Rejoice!

Love that one.

He gives us everything we need. We are fully equipped and HE is on our side.

😀 And for #3…

“In ALL circumstances”…

Good stuff, that. 🙂 The Bible is chock-full of these jewels, nuggets of truth, gems of wisdom.

Oh, and not to toot my own horn, but I finally figured out how to make my own designed background look good on this blog. YAY! What do you think? (It looks perfect on my laptop but when I checked it on my mom’s desktop computer with the huge screen you could still see bars of plain aqua on the side.) What does it look like for you?

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30 Days #12 – Cravings

Source: Google Images

Day 12 – Something you crave a lot
That would be white chocolate. White chocolate chips (or morsels, as the package calls them) to be precise. 😀

Which always taste great in White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies. (WCMNC for short.) 😉 My favorite cookie ever. Also Rachelle‘s. 😀 And these gals are partial to them as well.

Click this picture for the recipe for these tantalizing cookies. You’ll probably be exceedingly happy (or hate me for it) if you try them. It looks like a great recipe.

I have been cutting out all sugar, hydrogenated oils, and high fructose corn syrup from my diet for almost a month now. I had a carrot stick the other day and was startled to discover how sweet it tasted. It’s weird! My mom wanted that in writing when I told her that, so there ya go, Mommy. 😀 Mama has been off of those three things for about a year and a half… and she feels better and has lost weight! She looks so slim and ‘purty’ now! I’m proud of you, Mom. 🙂

Have a blessed, peaceful Sunday afternoon. ❤

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30 Days #11 – I Miss…

Day 11 – Something you miss

Well, I have a wonderful life and I’m honestly happy with everything in it. But there are a couple of things I used to have that I miss.

1. Swimming Pool

Okay, so ours never looked quite like that… we had an above-ground pool.

2. The Beach

(Both pictures from Pinterest)

We used to go to the beach all the time when we lived in Florida… every Friday we’d spend half the day there with friends from our homeschool group.

So, those are a couple of things I miss. And if God ever blessed us with a swimming pool again, I’d be ecstatic. 😉 But there are a lot of things about Florida that I do not miss, (Like the never-ending heat, mosquitos, and crazy-busy growing city we used to live in) so… I’m glad we are where we are. *happy sigh*

Hope you’re enjoying this blog challenge so far! It’s been kind of tough to write up something every day, but I’m happy to be blogging more again. 🙂

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30 Days #10 – Bullets

Day 10 – Bullet your whole day

Here goes!

  • Woke up at 9:00 due to staying up last night watching a movie 😛
  • Weighed myself and discovered I’m up to 6 pounds lost so far on my healthy eating goal… *big smile*
  • Got dressed – wearing my yellow Guy Harvey t-shirt that I bought in Venice (FL) with sea turtles on it
  • Cooked scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast out of our homemade bread for everyone’s breakfast
  • Started the laundry, the dishwasher, (which I forgot to run last night) and a batch of bread in the bread machine
  • Checked my emails and began this blog post 🙂
  • Painted my toenails with glitter coat
  • Shaped the bread into loaves
  • Walked down and back up the 1/4-mile driveway 3 times
  • Baked bread
  • Started to work on an online bead order
  • Made grilled cheese sandwiches, noodles, fried potato slices, and hotdogs for everyone’s lunch
  • Cleaned up the kitchen again, loaded the now unloaded dishwasher, swapped laundry
  • Practiced the bass guitar for 30 minutes
  • Watched dancing videos on youtube while folding my clean laundry (and kept pausing my folding to dance along to my favorite ones)
  • Made coffee for Mama
  • Put away folded clothes
  • Tried on a couple of skirts, thinking about what to wear on Sunday
  • Did living room cleaning chore (Tidied, vacuumed rug, washed windows)
  • Watched the first half of Fiddler on the Roof with Mark while shopping for beads on my laptop… (can you tell I like to multitask?)
  • Made baked macaroni and cheese for dinner
  • Watched an episode of Sherlock with Mark and Steven while crocheting a block for an afghan I’m making to sell
  • Read my Kindle for a little bit while I was waiting for the shower to be available (I always have to go last, certain parties claiming that I take the longest time in the shower…)
  • Wrote an entry in my diary
  • Had a little chat with God
  • Posting this post, at last. 🙂 Goodnight!
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30 Days #9 – My Mood

Day 9 – Post a song and photo to match your mood.

First I had to figure out what my mood was. I knew I was happy, but what kind of happy? There are several different kinds of happy. Exuberantly excited happy, calm, serene, quiet happy, and a myriad of options in between. 😀

I discovered I was/am feeling contentedly-expectantly happy. 😀

Source: Pinterest

I’m peaceful and content, glad about the way life is going… but there’s a hint of delicious expectancy there, too. For instance, Autumn is on its way. More on Autumn later, that needs its own post. 😀 I’m also looking forward to upcoming Frisbee games and Dancing and a Hymn-Sing. Good things are ahead.

And a song to go with all this? “Center of It” by Chris August.

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30 Days #8 – I’m a Star!

Day 8 – Post a photo of you and your family

Instead of doing that, I’m going to post a video of me and my brothers. The one we filmed this morning. (Along with our friend Benjamin, without whom we could not have made this) I finally get some good screen time in this movie! (I’ve begged to be allowed to play a nicer character in the next series…) But it was fun. 😀

Oh. And we discovered how to use Slo-Mo. (*does cartwheels of sheer happiness*) We’re getting so professional over here. 😉

(Wow, look, I’m even in the video image.) Enjoy!

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30 Days #7 – Sherlock

SPOILER WARNING! There. 😀 Really. Don’t look at these pictures if you don’t want to know anything beforehand about the show. I won’t give anything extremely vital away, but this post will be riddled (pardon the pun) with inside jokes. (Sorry this post is late, today. It’s a whopper.) 🙂

Day 7 – Share about a TV show you’re currently enjoying:

One word.


Before I say anything praising this television show, you need to know where I’m coming from. I love the original Sherlock Holmes novels written by none other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle… I own two copies of the complete works. In other words, I’m well-versed in all things Holmes.

This “updated” version is set in the present. And I do mean present. It’s ultra-modern and chock-full of smartphones, high-tech labs and forensics teams, and everything has been translated seamlessly into London as we know it, today.

But the essence of Sherlock Holmes is there. The observation and deduction and mind-blowing smarts perfectly echo Doyle’s original, brilliant creation. But it’s contemporary, in OUR world. Totally cool. So! On to discussing it!

First, I didn’t think I was going to like this show. I mean, come on. A modern Sherlock Holmes? The very idea grates on my mind.

But I liked it. I LOVED it.

Sherlock Holmes was originally written to a contemporary audience. All that stuff about carriages and top hats and gloves and paper boys and everything the time period contained was happening right THEN. The readers had a Holmes that was moving and breathing and solving baffling crimes in their world. Now we have the same privilege. Watching a brilliant detective use Holmes’ methods in our time and our technology. And it is awesome.  

I have to say, I didn’t expect Benedict Cumberbatch to be as ‘great’ of a Sherlock Holmes as he is. He doesn’t look like how I think Sherlock Holmes would. But the man can act! I love his acting. He acts so well, he makes me completely believe he’s Sherlock. Plus, to prepare for the role, guess what he did? He read the books. *fist-pump*

Job well done, Sir! 😀

John Watson as played by Martin Freeman is totally believable, a heartwarming character. He is intelligent, he is loyal, even charming. Brave. Man of action. He is everything the Watson of the book is. I can hardly stomach the adaptations of Holmes that portray Watson as some kind of bumbling buffoon who is only there to provide comic relief (as, sadly, the famous Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce team did)

A Trusty Comrade is Always Of Use

They make the perfect team!

Fun fact: in this show, Watson writes a blog about their cases. And I found it. Here. How COOL is that? The titles of his posts echo the original titles of the Doyle stories… “A Study in Pink”, “The Speckled Blonde” “The Geek Interpreter”- though we didn’t see those last two in an episode. (I haven’t read all the posts yet, so I don’t know if there’s any inappropriate content, read at your own risk.)

That picture on the left –> is Sherlock looking over John’s shoulder at the blog.

Cue “danger music”! But in a weird key. Because this guy is odd. In a scary way.

What’s a mystery/adventure movie without a good villain, right? Moriarty enters the scene as a wacky guy with crazy facial expressions and oozes irritating childish-but-deadly “Nyah-nyah, I’m gonna kill you!” vibes. He’s a love-to-hate character that makes you laugh at him and loathe him at the same time. He doesn’t come in until the third episode of season one, but he’s hinted about and threatened of since the first case/episode.

Mycroft Holmes is played by John Dashwood (*cough*) I mean, Mark Gatiss, and he’s also one of the three writers of the show. I loved how they made his character in this series… he and Sherlock have a long-standing sibling rivalry and pretend to despise each other (especially on Sherlock’s side) And in this version, he is the British Government… “When he’s not being the Secret Service, or the CIA on a freelance basis.”

“Sherlock: “You noticed”. Molly: “I don’t count.” Sherlock: “You do count. You’ve always counted, and I’ve always needed you.”

An entirely new character they added, Molly Hooper, is one of my favorites. (Am I the only one hoping she and Sherlock will make a match of it in Season 3?) Sherlock treats her with disdain and contempt in the beginning but he started to warm up near the end of Season Two. She was always there for him, even when it seemed like he didn’t care if she existed or not.

<– AWWWWWWWWW. I love her. This scene is so precious. Sherlock realized she was really a nice person who cared about other people and noticed how they felt. She was sensitive to others’ feelings, something he was completely not. (I think they slightly overplayed his arrogance, for your info.)

While we’re on the topic of ladies…
Do NOT speak to me of Irene Adler at this time. *disgusted face*

Nah, you can speak of her, as long as you agree with my low opinion of how they changed her for the series. “The Woman” as Sherlock Holmes referred to her in the books, was supposedly the only clever person who could match wits with Holmes and for that reason she was the only female he ever cared two pins (or perhaps more) for. In the first episode of Season Two they attempt to share the stoy of her and Sherlock. While the rest of the episode was interesting and Sherlock as brilliant as ever, they added some shocking content and indecent themes. We used a pillow for quite a few of the scenes with Irene in them (To cover the screen)… While they didn’t actually show any ‘body parts’ onscreen, there’s a scene where it is painfully obvious that she isn’t wearing anything whatsoever. Double ICK.

Anywho! Rant over. 😀


The supporting cast is great, especially Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade, and the annoying Scotland Yard crew (Who really all deserve their own pictures, had I the time to find and post them) I love the scene this photo of Mrs. Hudson refers to – She was frightened by some baddies and Sherlock ended up knocking around the main dude and throwing him out of a window in chivalrous retribution. ❤ LOL. Go Sherlock!

Mrs. Hudson is actually the ‘landlady’ in the show, not the housekeeper, but she makes ‘the boys’ a cuppa’ tea now and then, and checks on them and pops in and out of the flat now and then. She’s a dear. 😀

There’s 221b Baker Street! The locations are all really cool in these shows.

Sherlock still stabs his papers into the mantel, although the Turkish slipper has been replaced by a skull, which he apparently talked to before he had John to chat with.

The wrinkle of deduction. *giggle*

John’s expressions. He’s so great.

Just for fun… 🙂

John: “You’re bored, so you take it out on the wall?”
Sherlock: “The wall had it coming.”

*snicker* Guess who said THAT?

“One more miracle, Sherlock. Just for me. Don’t be dead.”

Heartbreak. Defined.

But don’t despair! For….

Okay. In the end of Season 2, Sherlock fakes his death. He’s alive! (But John doesn’t KNOWWWWW! *hysterical sobs*) But we don’t know how Sherlock did it. I can’t believe they’re filming the next part in 2013!! Let’s get that New Year here quick, people! 😉

Discussion, questions, whatzit, whatnot, are all welcome and eagerly solicited.

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30 Days #6

Day 6 – Post a picture of something that makes you happy.

Flowers make me happy. Discovering one outside, bringing it into the house to set on the sunny kitchen windowsill, always makes me smile.
Each one is like a message of love from God.

Source: Pinterest

(Pinterest makes me happy too. 😀 Here are my boards.)

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30 Days #5 – Hardboiled Eggs

Day 5: Post a picture of something you ate today.

If this doesn’t at least make you smile, you need your humor meter checked. 😀

Yes. I draw faces on our hard-boiled eggs to distinguish them from any fresh ones that might be in the fridge. You may laugh. 😀

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